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Annual Nuclear Safety Conference 2021

Annual Nuclear Safety Conference 2021


“Effectivity Improvement on Nuclear Regulatory Activities in Pandemic Era”
4th August 2021
Online Virtual Conference

1. Prof.Dr.Ir. Jazi Eko Istianto, M.Sc., IPU., ASEAN Eng.
2. Prof. Dr. Zaki Su’ud, M.Eng

Important date:
– May 21st, 2021 Full Paper Submission Deadline
– June 30th, 2021 Paper Revision Deadline
– July 17th, 2021 Non-Paper Participant Registration Deadline
– July 26th, 2021 Notification of Acceptance
– July 26th, 2021 Confirmation of Audience
– July 30th, 2021 PPT and Pre-recorded Video Upload Deadline

– Regulations on Nuclear and Ionizing Radiation
– Nuclear Physics (Reactor Physics)
– Medical Physics and Its Application
– Radiation Protection and Safety in Nuclear Medicine and Industry
– Safety and Security of Nuclear Installation and Radioactive Material
– Radioactive Waste Management and Transport of Radioactive Material
– Cyber Security in Nuclear Facility
– Environmental Radioactivity, NORM and TENORM
– Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response
– Medicine Learning and Big Data Processing Related to Safety and Security Nuclear Utilization
– Other Relevant Topics


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