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Riset Asahi Glass Foundation 2014

No. Nama Peneliti Judul Riset
1 Ismunandar, Prof. Dr. Direct Cobalt Deposition On Novel Zeolite With Fibrous Morphology And Its Activity In Fischer-Tropsch Reaction
2 Zaki Su’ud, Prof. Dr. Eng., M.Eng. Design Study of Modular Long-Life Gas Cooled Fast Reactors for Underground Applications
3 Abdul Waris, Drs., M.Eng., Ph.D. Analysis of Nuclear Spent Fuel Direct Recycling in PWR using SCALE-6 and ENDF/B-VII Nuclear Data Library
4 Rachmat Hidayat, Dr., S.Si., M.Eng. Design of Lasers Medium Based Nd3+ doped Bismuth Borate
5 Muchtadi Intan Detiena, Dr., M.Si. Implementation Of Accelerated Pollard RHO For Security Of Elliptic Curve Cryptography
6 Veinardi Suendo, S.Si., M.Eng., Ph.D. Development Linearly-Polarized Photoluminescence Technique as An Observation Method Of N-H Tautomerism Effect In Porphyrin Crystals
7 Agus Yodi Gunawan, Dr., M.Si. A Wetting Angle Model For An Oil Drop On A Solid Surface Immersed In Surfactant Solution
8 Khairurrijal, Prof. Dr. Eng. Fabrication of Chitosan Nanofiber-Based Membrane for Antibacterial Filter Applications
9 Yessi Permana , Dr. Eng. Conversion of Glicerol Derivative into Fine Chemicals: y-Butyrolactone Production from Allyl Alcohol using Co(II)
10 I Nyoman Marsih, Dr., S.Si., M.Si. Synthesis of nanoflowers γ-Alumina as Support of Cobalt for Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts