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Asahi Glass Foundation 2018

No. Nama Peneliti Judul
1. Asril Pramutadi Andi Mustari, Dr.,S.Si.,M.Eng. Investigation of the effect of oxide film spallation on protective layer generation under High Temperature Lead‐alloy Coolant for Development of Generation IV Reactors
2. Mitra Djamal, Prof.Dr.Ing. Development of Glass Laser Medium Based on Er3+ Doped Borate Oxide Glass As High Efficient Laser Material
3. Freddy Haryanto, Dr.rer.nat., S.Si.,M.Si. Development of Light Scattering Methods for Urinary nanocrystallites Diagnosis
4. Sidik Permana, Dr.Eng., S.Si.,M.Eng. Study on Transuranium Fuel Loading Effect to Fuel Breeding Capability and Nuclear Nonproliferation Aspect of Plutonium in Fast Breeder Reactor(FBR)
5. Veinardi Suendo, Dr., S.Si. Development of Reusable Substrate for Drop Coating Deposition Raman (DCDR) Spectroscopy as a Versatile Tool in Vibrational Analysis of Conjugated Compounds
6. Abdul Waris, Prof.Drs., M.Eng.,Ph.D. Three Dimensional Core Analysis of Nuclear Spent Fuel Direct Recycling Scheme in Advanced PWR AP1000