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Asahi Glass Foundation 2017

No. Nama Peneliti Judul
1 Asril Pramutadi Andi Mustari, Dr.,S.Si.,M.Eng. Investigation of the effect of oxide film spallation on protective layer generation under High Temperature Lead‐alloy Coolant for Development of Generation IV Reactors
2 Mitra Djamal, Prof.Dr.Ing. Development of Glass Laser Medium Based on Er3+ Doped Borate Oxide Glass As High Efficient Laser Material
3 Freddy Haryanto, Dr.rer.nat., S.Si.,M.Si. Development of Light Scattering Methods for Urinary nanocrystallites Diagnosis
4 Sidik Permana, Dr.Eng., S.Si.,M.Eng. Study on Transuranium Fuel Loading Effect to Fuel Breeding Capability and Nuclear Nonproliferation Aspect of Plutonium in Fast Breeder Reactor(FBR)
5 Veinardi Suendo, Dr., S.Si. Development of Reusable Substrate for Drop Coating Deposition Raman (DCDR) Spectroscopy as a Versatile Tool in Vibrational Analysis of Conjugated Compounds
6 Abdul Waris, Prof.Drs., M.Eng.,Ph.D. Three Dimensional Core Analysis of Nuclear Spent Fuel Direct Recycling Scheme in Advanced PWR AP1000