Iwan Pranoto

Iwan Pranoto 2a

Prof. Dr. Iwan Pranoto

Guru Besar

Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Jl. Ganesa 10 Bandung, 40132, Indonesia
Surat Ekektronik : pranoto {at} math.itb.ac.id
Tele.: +62(22) 2502545 ext 211
Fax: +62(22) 2506450


  1. Sarjana, Institut Teknologi Bandung (1985)
  2. Magister, University of Toronto, Canada (1989)
  3. Doctor, University of Toronto, Canada (1994)


  1. [career here]

Bidang Penelitian


  1. Miswanto, I Pronoto, H. Muhamad, and D. Mahayana, The Collective Behavior of Multi-Agenss System for Trackhing a Desired Path, International Journal of Basic & Applied Scinces IJBAS-IJENS, 11:1, (2011).
  2. Miswanto, I Pronoto, H. Muhamad, and D. Mahayana, The Control Design of Symmetric System for Tracking A Desired Path with An Obstracle Using Tracking Error Dynamics, Contributions in Mathematics and Application III, A Special 2010 Published by East West Journal of Mathematic, (2011).
  3. Pranoto, I., 2010, The effects of structure orientation on the growth of Fe2B boride by multi-phase-field simulation, ITB Journal of Science, 42 A (1), 11-22.



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