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Apresiasi 151 Wisudawan FMIPA melalui Syukuran Wisuda April FMIPA ITB



BANDUNG, fmipa.itb.ac.id –Graduation Celebration FMIPA ITB for the April 2024 period was held on Friday, April 26, 2024 in Aula Barat, ITB. The graduation celebration having the theme “Menata Langkah, Mengukir Sejarah/Making Steps, Carving History” appreciated 151 FMIPA graduates who graduated during the April 2024 ITB Graduation period.

The graduation celebration event opened with a speech from the Dean of FMIPA ITB, Prof. Ir. Wahyu Srigutomo, Ph.D. and continued with reading the graduates’ impressions by him. The profiles of FMIPA graduates for the April 2024 period were also conveyed by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, namely Prof. Dr. Rukman Hertadi. A total of 58 Bachelor’s students, 72 Master’s students, and 21 Doctoral students graduated at the Second Graduation for the Academic Year 2023/2024 or April Graduation 2024.

The graduates was dominated by female graduates around 59%, while male graduates were 41%. The average GPA of FMIPA graduates was also conveyed by Prof. Dr. Rukman Hertadi consisting of above 3.00 for Bachelor graduates, above 3.30 for Master’s graduates, and above 3.80 for Doctoral graduates. Data shows that in 2023, FMIPA graduates needed an additional longer study period to complete Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Meanwhile, completion of the Doctoral program in 2023 was achieved on average in a shorter time compared to the previous year.

In presenting the graduate profiles, appreciation was expressed to Bachelor’s graduates with a study period of 7 semesters, namely Nathasya Abenita Christien from Mathematics Program, Fajris Zahrotun Nihayah from Physics Program, and Sarah Auliyaurrohman Setiawati Sukoco from Physics Program. Besides that, the Youngest Doctorate Award was given to Maya Nabila from Mathematics Program who successfully completed the Doctoral Program at the age of 25 years. Maya Nabila also had the opportunity to be a representative of graduates who conveyed messages at a series of events. Ahmad Naufal, a graduate from Chemistry Program, also conveyed his impressions as a representative of the graduates. Meanwhile, the messages from the parents of graduates were represented by Mrs. Benedikta, the parent of Nathasya Abenita.

The appreciation procession for the graduates was also interspersed with appearances from representatives of Non-Academic Staff FMIPA ITB and the Sundanese Arts Environment Unit (LSS/Lingkung Seni Sunda) as entertainment. One of the core agendas for the graduation celebration was the calling of the graduates followed by a photo with the Dean, Head of Study Program, and lecturers. This agenda also served as the closing ceremony for the April 2024 Graduation Celebration FMIPA ITB [Siti Komariah].