Toto Winata

Toto Winata

Prof. Toto WInata, Ph.D.

 Guru Besar

Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Jl. Ganesa 10 Bandung, 40132, Indonesia
Email Address: toto{at}
Telephone: +62(22) [2500834] xt: 224
Fax: +62 (22) [2506452]


  1. Sarjana, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 1985
  2. Doktor, Murdoch University, Australia, 1991

Bidang Penelitian

  1. Study of Atomic Scattering by Electrons or protons, to have an insight understanding of the interaction between particles and materials.
  2. Study of Amorphous Silicon based materials and its alloys Deposition by PECVD, VHF-PECVD, HW-PECVD, HWC-PECVD, HW-VHF-PECVD, HWC-VHF-PECVD for Optoelectronic Device Applications


  1. G H Rahmi, P Pratiwi, B W Nuryadi, A H Aimon, T Winata and F Iskandar, Preparation of Copper Iodide (CuI) Thin Film by In-Situ Spraying and Its Properties, Phys.: Conf. Ser. 739 (2016) 012050 DOI :
  2. Ahmad Rosikhin, Ibnu Syuhada, Aulia Fikri Hidayat, Rinaldo Marimpul and Toto Winata, Optimized morphology properties of silver catalyst substrate for twisted carbon nanoribbon growth by PECVD method, Phys.: Conf. Ser. 739 (2016), 012009 DOI :
  3. Robi Kurniawan, Inge M. Sutjahja, Toto Winata, Andrivo Rusydiand Yudi Darma, Room temperature analysis of dielectric function of ZnO-based thin film on fused quartz substrate, AIP Conf. Proc. 1677, 070002 (2015);
  4. Ahmad Rosikhinand Toto Winata, Optical electric fields as wavelength function within active layer of graphene/Si heterojunction solar cell – An analysis, AIP Conf. Proc. 1677, 070017 (2015);
  5. Ahmad Rosikhin, Toto Winataand Ajeng Eliyana, Study of graphene growth by HWC-VHF-PECVD method using annealed Ag films, AIP Conf. Proc. 1656, 030015 (2015);
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  7. Saripudin, H. Saragih, Khairurrijal, T. Winata, and P. Arifin, Effect of growth temperature on cobalt-doped TiO2 thin films deposited on Si(100) substrate by MOCVD technique, Advanced Materials Research Volume 896, 2014, Pages 192-196 (2014)
  8. Andhy Setiawan, Altje Latununuwe, Euis Sustini, and Toto Winata, Simple Method for Synthesizing Pt Nano-Droplets as Metal Catalyst in SiNW Deposition, Mat. Sci. Eng, 5(5), (2011)., 541
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  12. Andhy Setiawan, Altje Latununuwe, Euis Sustini, and Toto Winata, Sintesis Lapisan Tipis Au sebagai Katalis untuk Deposisi Silicon Nanowire, Seminar Nasional Fisika 2010, 11-12 Mei, 2010.
  13. Altje Latununuwe, Nikmans Hattu, Andhy Setiawan, Toto Winata, 2010, Transparent Conductive Coating Based on Carbon Nanotubes Using Electric Field Deposition Method, AIP Proceedings, 184, 187-190.
  14. Hasanah, L., Abdullah, M., Sukirno, Winata, T., Khairurrijal, Model of a tunneling current in an anisotropic Si/Si1-xGe x/Si heterostructure with a nanometer-thick barrier including the effect of parallel-perpendicular kinetic energy coupling, Semiconductor Science and Technology, 23 (12), art. no. 125024, 2008.

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